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Increase Your Patient’s Medication Adherence and support URAC accreditation with an Intelligent Turnkey Two-Way Texting Solution

Texting service is FREE for patients with an unlimited texting plan, and works on 99% of phones and carriers



The pharmacist can access their dashboard through a HIPAA compliant on-line portal, where they can customize their triage and real-time reporting tools.

CareSpeak monitoring service also sends daily reports to the pharmacist enabling timely follow-ups with patients.

Get more provider referrals and secure more payer contracts.

Patient Data

Automated Patient Engagement (CareSpeak)*

Our staff calls and on-boards the patient, performs medication reconciliation, and sets up all needed medication alerts.

The patient’s self-reported adherence and chat logs are monitored, and all non-clinical issues are handled by staff, while all clinical issues are escalated to the pharmacy.

2-way SMS


Patients receive customized medication and refill alerts, even for the most complex regimens.

Caregiver family and friends can receive alerts if patient misses reporting a medication intake.

Patients can receive optional educational information, inspirational quotes, and much more.


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