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OptimizeRx, the leading aggregator of sponsored services in the EHR.

Our Story

OptimizeRx® Corporation provides unique physician and consumer platforms and strategies to help patients better afford and adhere with their treatment regimens, while offering pharmaceutical and healthcare companies more effective ways to expand physician and patient awareness, access and adherence to their medications and product support.

Our core product is a novel patient financial support software application. It replaces traditional physical drug samples by automating the process of distributing coupons and vouchers into healthcare providers’ eRx workflow, then automatically delivering them electronically to the pharmacy. Through the OptimizeRx platform, pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers now have a digital paperless platform to directly offer patients critical cost savings, education and adherence tools right at the point of prescribing.

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The essence of the OptimizeRx Corporation is a team of experienced professionals dedicated to delivering innovative healthcare solutions.

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We take great pride in our distinctive company culture, attuned to encouraging an entrepreneurial approach and always putting clients first.

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