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Who is OptimizeRx?

OptimizeRx® is the industry leader in the promotion and distribution of a wide range of high-impact EHR services integrated directly within the HCP prescriber workflow. OptimizeRx has a network of over 370 EMR partners to help patients receive savings and other valuable information for their medicines at the point of prescription.

What service does OptimizeRx provide?

The OptimizeRx® patented eCoupon technology is an automated digital eCoupon distribution that is integrated within the ePrescribing workflow. This technology offers prescribers a more efficient way to access
and distribute patient savings and educational support resources during the ePrescription process.

How long has OptimizeRx been in business?

OptimizeRx, is the pioneer of point-of-prescription solutions. They began developing the technology to execute eCo-pay and other financial assistance programs back in 2008. Their goal was to enable an eCoupon to be redeemed at the exact time of dispensing without requiring a single extra step for the physician, patient, or pharmacist.

How many financial messaging campaigns has OptimizeRx conducted in the market?

OptimizeRx has managed hundreds of branded patient savings programs with over 30 leading pharmaceutical manufacturers. They have delivered millions of patient messaging & financial support offers to prescribers at the point of prescribe within the HCP workflow.

How many HCPs does OptimizeRx reach with their network of EMR partners?

OptimizeRx has the Largest EHR Network available, reaching over 500,000 HCP prescribers.

How many EHRs are in the OptimizeRx network?

OptimizeRx offers the largest reach of healthcare providers at point of prescribe through a network of over 370 leading EHRs and growing – including promotion within three out of the top five largest EHRs.

Does OptimizeRx have exclusive relationships with any EHR for providing eCoupon service?

OptimizeRx has an Exclusive Partnership with Allscripts for Prescription Cost Savings and Real-time Messaging at Point-of-Care.

Allscripts’ industry leading electronic health record (EHR) and ePrescribing (eRx) network totals more than 180,000 physicians across 45,000 ambulatory facilities, 2,500 hospitals and 17,000 post-acute organizations. The exclusive partnership includes financial, informational, and clinical messaging through Allscripts ePrescribe™, Allscripts Professional EHR™ and Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR solutions.

What is e-Prescribing?

Through a secure electronic exchange between prescribers and pharmacies, e-Prescribing supports a more efficient, safer and accurate method of prescribing. The prescriber simply signs on to the system, accesses the patient’s information and prescribes an appropriate medication. The prescription can be sent immediately to the pharmacy and/or printed in the office for the patient.

How prevalent is e-prescribing among HCPs?

According to the US Government agency CDC, 85% of HCPs in the USA currently e-prescribe within their EHR system. Furthermore, Surescripts estimates that over two billion e-prescriptions will be sent by HCPs in 2016.

What evidence is there to support that HCPs see the value of Pharma services within their EHR?

In a recent Manhattan Research study, 56% of US physicians report interest in receiving pharma content within their EHR; furthermore, 33% of physicians reported that pharma resources integrated within their EHR workflow are “very” or “somewhat” influential in their prescribing decision.

Are there studies to support that the OptimizeRx e-Coupon program provides effective ROI?

Yes, multiple ROI studies consistently confirm that the OptimizeRx platform deliver proven influence and impact on growing TRx through their unique promotional system. Multiple leading pharmaceutical manufactures have experienced results ranging from 300%-1200% proving eCouponing to be one of the most effective digital promotional tactics.

Can OptimizeRx help to distribute patient education?

Yes, many brand eCoupon programs print additional patient education to accompany the eCoupon at the HCP office.

Can OptimizeRx provide targeted solutions for the eCouponing service?

Most brand managers prefer to run open programs that target all prescribers. However, if specific targeting is preferred, OptimizeRx can target based on multiple parameters such as physician specialty, NPI, patient age, state of residence, etc.

What are the launch requirements to initiate an E-coupon program?

The key requirement is delivery of a signed PO to OptimizeRx. Upon receipt of the PO, the OptimizeRx account leader will work closely with the brand manager to collect the creative assets along with other key brand materials.

How long does it typically take to operationalize an e-Coupon campaign?

Once OptimizeRx has the approved creative, it will take the OptimizeRx account leader and team five to seven business days to integrate the approved asset into the SampleMD network.

Where will the eCoupon show in the workflow?

Within an e-Prescribing platform, physicians will see the products that have available patient support, like e-Coupons and/or patient education at time of prescribe.

What is the fee structure for using the OptimizeRx E-coupon service?

The fee structure for an e-Coupon program consists of a one-time setup fee, a small monthly management fee and a $5.00 charge for each coupon that is used to generate a prescription. The majority of the fee is consumed by the e-coupon distribution. It’s also important to note that the brand is only charged a fee when the coupon is utilized by the physician and accompanies the e-Prescription.

What is the monthly maintenance fee?

This is an ongoing fee that pays for the OptimizeRx account leader’s management of the e-Coupon program. Key services of value delivered by the account leader include channel partner oversight and optimization, conference calls with brand managers, creative asset changes, and other ongoing quality assurance measures.

What is the setup fee?

This one-time fee is shared with EMR partners for integration of the brand offer into their respective channels. The fee also includes various quality and testing checkpoints performed by OptimizeRx to ensure a successful launch.

What if a brand request to pay for the e-Coupon is based on patient redemption instead of distribution?

Network partners have explicitly stated they will not participate in a redemption-based model.

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