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New Product Launch | Drug File Integration

On the day of launch, it is absolutely critical for your product to be available in HCPs’ e-prescribing and EHR systems. Unfortunately, since many EHRs are not yet cloud-based, the process of loading the latest list of products into an EHR can sometimes take weeks, or even months. At launch, your sales force may encounter customers who can’t find your product in their system, and therefore cannot prescribe it even if they want to.

Fortunately, OptimizeRx® provides a key service to help marketing and sales teams manage this process and achieve optimal product uptake in the EHRs
at launch.

Customized Launch Plan

Receive a customized launch plan created by the consulting experts at OptimizeRx. This plan includes direct assistance in integrating your brand’s drug file into the EHR database to allow for product search and prescription. As part of this program, OptimizeRx provides a project management team and an Issue Resolution Process the sales force can use to report customer issues and get resolution in a timely fashion – reducing their burden and freeing them to focus on core sales responsibilities.

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Sales Training and Support

OptimizeRx provides training materials and customer leave behind flashcards to help your sales force understand the essentials regarding EHR and eRx platforms relevant to their sales messages. These materials ensure that your sales teams are prepared to answer questions and educate customers about patient support services available in their EHR workflow, how to save the product to their Favorites list, and more.

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EHR Strategy and Planning

Pre-launch, at launch, and beyond, a well-crafted EHR strategy is now a must-have for pharmaceutical manufacturers. The team at OptimizeRx has a depth of experience developing effective EHR strategies and tactical plans for our clients. Regardless of where your brand is in its lifecycle, OptimizeRx can help you fashion an effective EHR program to meet your objectives.

Develop an EHR strategy today, and plan for your brand by engaging OptimizeRx’s team of EHR experts to achieve optimal impact in the market.

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