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EHR Workflow Solutions

Support the success of your brand with proven EHR workflow solutions.

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Financial Messaging

Studies show that making patient financial support readily available in the EHR workflow has proven to be effective in providing convenience, support and confidence for HCPs and patients, as well as providing positive ROI for brands. With OptimizeRx®, marketers can make financial messaging co-pay offers and vouchers available at the point of prescription, and automate their delivery electronically to the pharmacist.

Seamless Integration

OptimizeRx EHR patient financial support integrates seamlessly with your existing financial messaging program and adjudicator. Regardless of the objectives of your financial messaging program, OptimizeRx can improve results. And integrating patient financial support, like patient copay offers and vouchers into the HCP workflow is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1

Health care provider searches for a brand within EHR and is alerted of potential savings availability for patient.

Example of a search for a brand and the potential savings offered for the patient.

Step 2

After selection, OptimizeRx instantly returns eligible patient support to review and auto-send to the pharmacy.

Example of eligible patient support in the EHR.

Step 3

Full savings offer is also available to print and give to the patient. We also have the ability to text and email the patient. We are currently working with EHRs to integrate into the patient’s portal.

Example of a full savings offer that shows the printable and SMS text options.
OptimizeRx Capabilities

Interested in learning how OptimizeRx can turbocharge the effectiveness, efficiency and reach of your coupon, voucher or co-pay program? Contact us to arrange a demo today.

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Patient Education

Concerned that your important education materials are not reaching patients? With OptimizeRx, HCPs no longer have to hunt for your brand’s important patient education and adherence materials.

Customized Patient Education Materials

Using the OptimizeRx technology platform, marketers can provide customized patient education materials in the e-prescribing workflow, making patient handouts available to the HCP to print and hand out immediately after the prescription is completed. Or, if the patient prefers, materials can be emailed.

Patient education materials can be bundled with the eCoupon or eVoucher in a single printout, making it easy for the patient to take important support materials with them to the pharmacy and their home.

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Brand Messaging

Through its network of partners, OptimizeRx delivers a variety of different brand awareness and clinical messaging services tailored to meet the needs of your brands.

Messaging services include:

  • Brand Awareness Banners
  • Reminder Ads
  • Clinical Messages
  • Unbranded Messages

Messages can be targeted by sophisticated business rules and criteria, including:

  • HCP specialty
  • NPI
  • Diagnostic codes
  • Lab codes
  • Patient age, gender and other criteria
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